GoPro Karma 1st Version Review and Crash

Video of Karma powering off in flight.

Review and Thoughts of GoPro Karma

Story time: I had pre-ordered the DJI Mavic after being out of the RC world for over a decade.  A crash of a high-end acrobatic helicopter had taken my eagerness to open my wallet again for that kind of exposure.  The housing market had tanked, and my ideas and the need for the copter cooled off with the slowing of the housing market.  Years passed, and the technology / Auto flight/crash reducer improved.

The Mavic appealed to me for the auto flight and portability.  But DJI pulled their version of the click and baited with an unrealistic release date that hosed me for the summer/fall session.

Enter Karma – I bought it at BestBuy and was having fun with it until (see the crash video)

Now given that you would th...