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John Deere: Drive Green

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Windows XP/Vista Processor: PIV 1.5 GHz DirectX 9.0 256 MB RAM Free hard drive space: 300 MB Direct 3D 64MB DirectX 9.0 DirectX-compliant Sound Card

Bale hay, plant soybeans, harvest corn and more - a John Deere makes every job easy and efficient.

No job is too big or small! Bale hay, mow fairways, plant soybeans or corn, spray or harvest corn and more -  it’s up to you to do the job right! See what you can do with 500 horsepower of Green Machine!

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John Deere: Drive Green

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John Deere: Drive Green 2012-09-06 13:20:13 Carnster
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Carnster Reviewed by Carnster    September 06, 2012
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Pretty Cool, has some issues

I am working on a video review of this game. It does well on conversions (people that download it and then buy it) SO I thought i would give it a try.

Here is some highlights till I get video review up:

Pros: you can go first person perspective in equipment (cool)
- you rank up to bigger better equipment
- Easter eggs
- don't have to follow linear path if you don't want to (almost - you can take breaks and select different jobs)

- realism suffers - you can drive over a street sign but not smash through a white picket fence with a huge diesel tractor (again not that big of a deal - as the game isn't GTA or BF3), some equipment floats through terrain. (drove through a group of trees with the sprayer arms out and no damage) again... not that big of a deal.

- selecting tractor - magically appears in barn - maybe if there were barn doors that opened or something,

OVERALL: worth the download for sure, I enjoyed myself and loved the 1st person perceptive. I hooked me enough to want to try the larger machines.

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