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Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road Official Game Trailer

Uploaded By: Carnster. Added on: 04 September 2012.
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Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road is a single-player PC exclusive off-road racing game.

It's all about the racing, because you love to race as much as we do!

Race mini SUVs on monster truck frames with massive off-road tires. This is off-road racing like you've never seen before! Extreme speed, extreme hazards & extreme tracks are the theme of our exciting new off-road truck racing game.

Whether you want to get in a few quick races, or spend several days racing, this is the game for you. We get you in the action fast! No servers to log on to - no long menu animations to waste your time - just get in there and race! The autosave feature ensures that you can pick up where you left off at any time. Are you ready for it?

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