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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Launch Trailer

Uploaded By: Carnster. Added on: 04 September 2012.
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Prepare for all-out vehicle warfare with Armored Kill! This trailer features never before seen gameplay from all four maps in Armored Kill -- from the beautiful snow-capped Alborz Mountains to the biggest map in Battlefield history, Bandar Desert.

Armored Kill features four new maps, six new vehicles with 20 unlocks, the new Tank Superiority game mode, and more. Armored Kill is available two weeks early for Premium members. Learn more here:
Just a few days left till it comes out. Looking forward to it. I'll wait on PC, friends dragged me over to Xbox a while back and I have been BF3-ing on that. But this MUST play great on PC and I might come back. If you are an Xbox BF3-er look for our server “Bravo 6 Fight Ops”
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