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ONE - Battlefield 3 Machinima

Uploaded By: Carnster. Added on: 28 November 2012.
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Filmed in Battlefield 3

Robert Stoneman presents his newest Machinima "ONE"
The trail of Russian dead litter the fields like barrows and temples to worship the fallen,
the body count rises as the remaining few rally for the last stand. Safely from afar A lone US sniper starts to pick off any enemy soldiers that stray
into his scope. With the Russians pinned & accepting all is lost, ONE player refuses to accept that this is the end... unbound by fear he unleashes retribution against the camped sniper, time is running out and the only thing between ONE and the sniper... is an entire army... tick..tock...

End music created just for this machinima! get it here: track by 'Bypass Bandits' -

Filmed in Battlefield 3 [PC] - DICE/EA
Created by Robert 'Steinmann916' Stoneman



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