GoPro Karma 1st Version Review and Crash

Video of Karma powering off in flight.

Review and Thoughts of GoPro Karma

Story time: I had pre-ordered the DJI Mavic after being out of the RC world for over a decade.  A crash of a high-end acrobatic helicopter had taken my eagerness to open my wallet again for that kind of exposure.  The housing market had tanked, and my ideas and the need for the copter cooled off with the slowing of the housing market.  Years passed, and the technology / Auto flight/crash reducer improved.

The Mavic appealed to me for the auto flight and portability.  But DJI pulled their version of the click and baited with an unrealistic release date that hosed me for the summer/fall session.

Enter Karma – I bought it at BestBuy and was having fun with it until (see the crash video)

Now given that you would think I would hate or never buy a GoPro product again.  The exact opposite happened (for the most part.)

When I called GoPro about the crash, it was pre-recall, and I got to talk to a human being, and that person spoke English.

Now before you go crazy thinking I am some racist, ignorant hillbilly (hillbilly might be true) understand that I totally admire and thoroughly impressed when a person can relocate their family from the familiar, navigate the legal process of migrating to a foreign land, make that land their home AND start a business.  Wow

That being said when someone calls a line it’s best for the customer, the employee and the company if those communicating can understand one another in the interests of money but more importantly time.

So when I got a LIVE person and this person spoke English and-and-and had a conversation with me without ever giving me the vibe of ‘script’ I was impressed.  In fact taking about no script, there were a couple of cringe moments during this phone conversation when I thought “wow no lawyer or PR department would want to hear what you just said” and it was soooooooo refreshing.   She told me the recall was being fleshed out and more info very soon and not to worry at all.  The next day the recall happened, and I got a FULL refund, and the return process took about 30 seconds at Bestbuy.  And a few months later GoPro was kind enough to send me a camera for my trouble.

OK, so that doesn’t help the drone or flying a drone.  BUT knowing I was going to get totally ripped off by GoPro for a failed product and they were straight up with me MADE me a GoPro customer and fanboy.  So when the Grip came out, I bought it and didn’t think twice.  Now as for the ‘new’ Karma by the time the Karma was re-released the Mavic had finally arrived.  Since I use my money and the Mavic had much better auto flight abilities I had no real interest in throwing down cash on the Karma.   Perhaps if GoPro partners up with Lily I would be all over that.

So here is my breakdown:

GoPro – Customer service is top notch.
Yuneec – Customer Service is a close second with a little more grief, but with the realm of understanding, you are a customer.
DJI – Customer Service – I get the impression that they have the impression that, they feel YOU (the customer) should feel lucky that they allow you (the customer) to buy their products.  DJI’s engeering may be stellar, but I am less than impressed with customer service.


So I am left wishing GoPro made the Mavic, and I would be one happy drone-er.



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